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Introducing GeoMeasure, a sophisticated 3D measuring tool meticulously crafted for precision measurements within the Blender 3D software environment. This tool empowers users to accurately gauge dimensions and distances of 3D models, enhancing the precision and efficiency of spatial analysis within the realm of Blender's dynamic 3D design capabilities.


Elevate your Blender 3D experience with a user-friendly measurement solution. Effortlessly capture precise dimensions within your projects, simplifying complex tasks. GeoMeasure is the go-to tool for easy, accurate measurements, enhancing your workflow and ensuring precision without the fuss.

Edit it with custom Rulers as curves (cyclic & non-cyclic)

GeoMeasure for Blender 3D brings a cutting-edge Ruler feature to enhance your precision in measurements. This advanced tool not only enables you to add accurate measurements but also offers customization options, allowing you to strategically place markers for improved spatial awareness. Effortlessly change measurement units to align with your project needs. GeoMeasure for Blender 3D simplifies intricate spatial analysis, providing a streamlined experience with meticulous accuracy.


GeoMeasure revolutionizes your interactive experience in Blender 3D. Seamlessly scale, rotate, and edit your 3D models, all while witnessing real-time measurements that dynamically adapt. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility as GeoMeasure ensures your creative process remains fluid and intuitive, with measurements adapting seamlessly to your model adjustments. Unleash a new level of precision in your 3D design journey with GeoMeasure's interactive capabilities.

Fully Customizable

Tailor your Blender 3D workspace effortlessly with GeoMeasure's precision and versatile customization. Switch between units (mm, cm, m, inch & feet), adjust text size, fine-tune offsets, and add vibrancy by setting a dynamic color axis for XY & Z dimensions. GeoMeasure is your creative canvas, offering a range of customization options. Dive into a world where every detail aligns with your vision. GeoMeasure goes beyond features, providing diverse customization – just the beginning of its potential. Unleash your creativity with GeoMeasure in Blender 3D, and discover so much more customization to enhance your design journey. 

Made with Geometry nodes

GeoMeasure, our innovative measuring tool, is proudly crafted using Blender's powerful Geometry Nodes. This cutting-edge technology ensures precision and flexibility in our product, providing you with a top-notch measuring experience. Embrace the future of measurement with GeoMeasure, where the capabilities of Geometry Nodes bring accuracy to the forefront of your 3D modeling endeavors.

Buy once, keep Forever! 

GeoMeasure is your forever companion in Blender 3D. With a one-time purchase, enjoy a lifetime of updates and new features. As your creative journey evolves, GeoMeasure evolves with you. It's not just a tool; it's an investment that keeps getting better. Experience the assurance of continuous enhancements, ensuring your measuring experience remains at the forefront of innovation. GeoMeasure is not just a purchase; it's a promise of perpetual improvement, providing you with new capabilities and features for the lifetime of your creative endeavors in Blender 3D.

Features Value
Curve Ruler
Axis Ruler
Minimum blender version 3.3

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
License Creative Commons
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