Garden Chair

by Antonio Bello Shop in Models

Garden Chair

High quality garden chair model suitable for interior or exterior architectural visualizations. Rigged to fold and unflod.


Subdivisions modifiers are not applied, so you can control the level of detail. Modeled in Blender 2.7 and rendered with Cycles. Fully textured with materials applied. Rigged with constraints to fold or unfold. Studio set up with lighting and ground floor ready to render. No plug-ins needed.

Help document:

Scene is ready to use.
The studio set up have a three-points light system, lights settings have different colors to create a warm feeling.

Objects are logically named.
To fold or unfold the chair, rotate the object called “seat”. The object has a “Limit rotation” Constraint to let the chair fold or unfold properly. The seat has also a vertex group to let the “Damped Tack” Constraint works properly.
The Empty is set up to track the seat and the vertex group to let legs rotate.
The object “legs_back” has a “Copy Rotation” Constraint which target is the Empty.
All Constraints let the chair fold or unfold correctly when the seat is rotated.

To apply any transformation to the whole chair, use the group “garden chair”. Select any object of the group, and then press shift+G>group, and the whole chair will be selected.

If you want to apply a rotation transform to the chair, you need to disable the constraints for objects “seat” and “legs_back”. Just select the object, go to “constraints” section and deselect the limit rotation as shown:

For “seat” object:


And for “legs_back” object:


If you need to fold or unfold the chair again, select the limit rotation axis again for both objects.

Subdivisions modifiers are not applied, but for good visualization they should be set up in 2 subdivisions.

Scene has also 2 materials: a very simple metal material and the wood material. Wood material has a glossy shader that can be delete for a faster rendering.

Texture resolution: 2000x2000 px

"One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information."



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