Gamepad Navigator

by Sam Aldhaher in Scripts and Addons

Ever wanted to use a gaming controller in Blender? Now you can! Gamepad Navigator allows you to instantly use any gaming controller* to navigate around your Blender scene, select objects, control and setup cool camera shots, record camera location and rotation keyframes. Simply connect your controller, wired or wireless, no drivers or external software required**.

Includes gamepad screen-cast feature, useful to show what buttons are being pressed in real-time.

Gamepad Navigator is designed to be a lightweight and CPU-efficient addon. CPU utilization depends on controller usage and is significantly reduced when no buttons are pressed. 

* only 'x-input' type controllers (eg. Xbox controllers) , playstation 4/5 controllers NOT supported 

** Windows support only 

Blender 3.4 only 


Viewport Navigation 

pan, zoom and rotate... all the usual navigation modes using a controller!

Analog Speed Control

Take advantage of the analog joysticks and triggers to control the speed panning, rotating and zooming around your scene. Speed is proportional the position of the joysticks and triggers 

Better Camera Shots & DOF Control

more flexible camera views and shots, focus on objects, control camera depth of field and f-stop on the fly 

Screencast Controller Inputs 

see in realtime your controller inputs and triggers. 

Viewport Control

Quickly switch between solid view and material preview, toggle overlays and set camera view to selection

"Turntable"/360 views of an object 

Simply "Point and shoot" to select an object and perform a "turntable/360 view to see your object from different angles 

Record Camera Keyframes 

Auto key camera location and rotation, and start/stop playback 

Quick Activation & Minimal UI

quickly enable/disable your controller with a single-click, and adjust sensitivity values, camera settings and screencast input via a minimal panel. 


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Published 13 days ago
Blender Version 3.4
License GPL
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