Fx Shader

by 3DVision in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Fx Shader is a 100% procedural shader pack that allows you to generate stylized animation effects. The four types of shader (electric, burn, pixel, transform) and the two styles (linear or radial) are effective for animating logos, text, characters and architectural scenes etc...

Operating system: This product is developed only for Windows users.
Minimum Performance: I7 2.6Ghz/ 4GB/ GTX 950 4GB/ Windows 10.

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  • 100% Procedural.
  • 8 shader included.
  • 3 types of animation.
  • Display only the effect.
  • Effect thickness control.
  • Repair or dissolve a Mesh.
  • 11 type of texture coordinate.
  • Ready for Blender 2.81/82/83 (EEVEE).
  • Display the effect on the mesh surface.
  • Shader with Radial animation: Burn, Electric, Transform, Pixels.
  • Shader with Linear animation: Burn, Electric, Transform, Pixels.

How to import?

Use in this scene for thunder effects.Logo animation.

Text animation. 

Suzanne Animation.