Furniture And Home Asset Pack

by Ryan King Art in Models

250 Furniture and Home 3d Models, created with Blender and Pre-Setup for Blender's Asset Browser.

Product Trailer Video:

Pre-Setup for the Asset Browser:

The models are pre-setup as assets for use in Blender's asset browser. Just setup the models as an asset library in Blender's preferences, and the models will be ready to use in your projects. The 3D models are organized into catalogs, with custom rendered thumbnails.

Product Setup Guide:


The models are split up into 5 different categories, with 50 models in each category. The category's are organized as catalogs in the asset browser. The category are:

  • Living Room Assets
  • Office Assets
  • Kitchen Assets
  • Dining Room Assets
  • Bathroom-Bedroom Assets


The objects materials are a mix of image textures, procedural materials, or a mix of both.

Rendering Engine:

The models were designed for the Cycles rendering engine, so using Cycles is recommended.

Blender Version:

Using Blender version 3.4 or a newer version is highly recommended. Some of the objects materials will only work properly in Blender version 3.4 or newer, due to the updated Mix Node in Blender, which will not work properly in any versions older then 3.4.
▶️ Watch my video about the new Mix Node here.
▶️ How to Fix the Mix RGB Undefined Node Tutorial

Product Contents:

  • 250 Total 3D assets Pre-Setup for the Asset Browser
  • 5 Blender Files with 50 Models Each (1 Blender file for Each Category)
  • Asset Browser Rendered Thumbnails
  • All Texture Maps for the 3D Models
  • Setup Guide Tutorial Video

Product Versions:

If you'd like to purchase just a single category with 50 models, you can choose between the product versions.


All of the assets can be used for commercial and personal use, as long as they are not resold, repackaged, or redistributed.

Free Demo Version:

A free demo version of this product is available on my Gumroad Store, containing 15 models. You can get the Free Demo here.

Choose a product version:

Sales 40+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.5
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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