Fundamentals Of Digital Sculpting With Blender 2.8

by CG Cookie in Training

UPDATE: The Multiresolution Placeholder video has been replaced with a full video featuring Blender 2.9.

What is Digital Sculpting?

Digital sculpting is a form of 3D modeling that aims to emulate traditional clay sculpting. Compared to polygon modeling, which is sometimes referred to as “pushing and pulling vertices”, sculpting is far more artistically intuitive. This makes it an ideal technique for creating organic models like characters and creatures.

Blender's Sculpt Mode

In this course you will learn all the essential sculpting tools and features of Blender 2.8. 

We’ll overview each brush, each menu, masking tools, posing tools, stroke methods, brush falloff, symmetry and tiling, matcaps, dynamic topology, remeshing...Yes, it’s a LOT but along the way, I will be emphasizing the most important things to know for someone getting started with Sculpting with Blender. Once we learn what Blender can do, we'll move on to the most fun part: sculpting something awesome!

Sculpting a 3D Shark 🦈

Together, we'll apply what we’ve learned by sculpting a shark. From a digital ball of clay to an authentic 3D representation of 2D concept art. We'll be using a shark concept by artist Alyssa Veysey.

What you'll Learn (Plus, an Exercise)

At the end of this course, you will be able to independently sculpt anything in Blender. And while sculpting, like any other technique, takes practice, you will have the toolset to go on creating on your own.

Speaking of practice...I've prepared an exercise for you to show me what you learned! 

Once you've completed the course, head over to the exercise page and take on my friendly challenge. Each submission will receive feedback on 3 different criteria...and I expect to see your best work!

Who is this Blender Course for?

This course is excellent if...

a) you're just getting started with digital sculpting and have no idea what to do,

b) have some experience but need more practice, in which case you can jump to Chapter 3 of the course

c) you've done tons of sculpting but want to refresh the basics (which is always a good idea!)

Do I need a Drawing Tablet for Digital Sculpting?

The pen and tablet is highly recommended for digital artists, including sculptors. While you can sculpt with a mouse, the tablet is far superior for its artistic intuitiveness and pressure sensitivity. There are many affordable options out there (we recommend these ones). If you want to make the most of your digital sculpting journey, consider purchasing one.


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