Fruit Pack Vol.1 - Fruit Bowl

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Fruit Pack Vol. 1 - Give your Scene a good Taste!

Rendering Fruits can be a time consuming work. Nevertheless, almost every interior Renders - especially Kitchen Scenes - need some fresh Food to make the Scene realistic and well looking. With this first Volume of the Fruit Series you will get a nice arranged Fruit Bowl with Apples, Bananas and Grapes. The second Volume of the Pack - including Pineapple, Mango, Orange and Pear can be found here.

High Res and Low Res Shader included

The Blend File contains a 4k and a 2k Material for the texture Based materials of the Bananas and the apples, already pre-installed in the Material Slot. Simply choose the material of your choice according to your requirements.

Easy Model Setup for each Fruit Type

The Grapes are setup as a set of six branches, parented to an Empty. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the shape of the Grapes, in example when they are placed onto another surface. The Apples are also parented to particular Empties, so each of them can be adjusted easy.  

Prelit Scene

Just open the Blend File and hit F12 (or Z9). The Pack comes with a preinstalled Lighting Setup.  

Groupes Structure for easy Appending

All Fruits are set up as self named Groups, plus a Group for the Fruit Bowl Scene, so you can either choose to import the whole Fruit Bowl Scene, or just the Fruit you like to create your own arrangement. All Fruits are modelled in real Life Scale, but can be easily Scaled according to your needs.  

Documentation of Shader included

Within the Pack you will find a PDF with a description of the Material Nodes (which also can be downloaded in the Product Documentation Section).

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Blender Version 2.7x
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