Friendly Little Robot, Fully Rigged

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DOCUMENTATION: To use the friendly Robot rigged in your scene you just need to go through this simple process which is as follows: a) Choose File -> Append -> Choose the proper blend File -> Choose "Group", then "Robot_Rigged" to get both your Robot and its Armature. Please note that depending on the Power of your Computer the Subdivision surface Modifier of the mesh should be set to zero while animation the Robot. DOCUMENTATION OF THE RIG The Rig is Animation ready. If you have never done an animation or never used a Rig before, please get familiar with these two techniques via the Blender Wiki, or check some Tutorials at Blendercookie. The Armature Functions are set as shown in the Image below: zzz_ArmatureDescription   Left and right arm are rigged similar. For Posing of the Arm use Bone "IK_Target_Hand.R" or "IK_Target_Hand.R" by using  G for Grab, then Shift X to ensure that the arm moves within a plan if it should do so. Otherwise, just move the Bone freely. To rotate the Arm within the Shoulder, use the Sphere shaped Controls as shown in the Image above. The hands and fingers are fully rigged and can be animated via the bones named "Palm.R" and "Finger.R.1", respectively bones named "Palm.L" and "Finger.L.1" Left and right Leg are also rigges similar. Their rigging Function is similar to those of the Arms. Using the Bone "IK_Target_LowerLeg.R" or "IK_Target_LowerLeg.L", the Leg can be moved. To rotate the whole leg within the hips, use the sphere shaped Controller as shown in the Image above. The whole Armature is parented to the circular shaped bone "Main_Target" and can be moved with it. DOCUMENTATION OF THE SHADERS The Shaders with the ccratched Look are built up in a similar way. Once you know how the Main Shader ("Scratched_Metal_Painted") works, you can use either Shader in the same way. The Node Setup is as follows: zzz_Main_Shader_Description The Position and size of the rust stains is done within the UV Map of the mesh. For further information about UV Mapping please Check the Blender Wiki. If there are any Questions, please just leave a comment!

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