Freight Container low/hi poly - pbr shaders

by ddesign in Models

Photorealistic container with PBR shaders and textures. Real-world measures, accurate CAD-like reproduction of every item and feature.

Hi! This is an ultra realistic 3D model for archviz or CG animations (also for realtime applications since modifiers are not applied). The model has been realized on a real-scale base, recreating every single component (rivets, beams, locks etc...) as 3d geometry. 

Textures (with pre-cleared royalty free license) include: diffuse, normal and height map; plus a hand-painted "rust map" which can be disabled for a clean look. Colors have been achieved through a "multiply" node, which means you can change the color without having to load a different texture! 

Also included the svg file for the text mask: you can customize text displayed on the front and the sides

Shaders are physycally based custom-built, using node setups which recreate real physycal behaviour and using scientifically accurate data. (IOR and wavelenght)

Objects are organized inyo layers and each item has a meaningful english name for better navigability

Preview renderings have NO post-production (uses the free filmic addon, but can be ignored)

Use container front.svg and container side-svg in Inkscape (or other vectorial program) to edit text on the front door and on the sides. Substitute the png files with same names in the respective node setups.

Painted mask 1, 2 and 3 are the hand Painted rust mix-controller: just remove the node connection into the mix rgb node to eliminate the rust effect.

Final render uses the filmic log-encoding free addon: you can find more information and the addon itself here

Original textures are from and are royalty free and usable in commercial products, here' s the full license

HDRI (also royalty free) is from Open Footage and is under a CC-by 4.0 license

Materials included:











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