Free Materials Bundle

by Daniel I. Ordonez in Surfacing

These Material Assets are free! Since the minimum price on Blender Market is $1, the price is set to $1. Everything in the dollar goes to the Blender Foundation, apart from the Fees that the Blender Market has!

So if you're looking around for materials, here are some! One Material Asset per product that I upload to our Store Page!

I hope that these Assets will help you decide if you want to get the full version of the other Material Assets!

So go bonkers with them and add them to your Asset Library!

Well, here are multiple usable seamless 2k resolution textures that can be applied to those texture-less objects!

These materials are Asset ready! Just place the base folder into your asset library and done! They'll appear in your Asset Browser the next time you open Blender!

The files contain both seamless 2k resolution diffuse Image Textures and their corresponding Normal Maps.

The Image Textures can also be used as a Tileable Texture brush in order to intricately texture paint the textures onto models!




  • Added new Fabric Material from the Stylized Materials Bundle


Initial Release

  • Added Wall Material from the Wall Materials Bundle
  • Added Dirt Material from the Ground Materials Bundle
  • Added Tree Material from the Tree Materials Bundle

Sales 40+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Creative Commons
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