Frame Ranger

by Blenderboi in Scripts and Addons

Frame Ranger

Frame Ranger is a Tool that helps in manipulating frame range and frames easily.



Save Frame Range

You can save frame range for later use. 

Change Frame in viewport

You can Change Current frame Directly inside viewport, useful if you just want to scrubbing through your frame when Timeline Editor is not around (Shortcut is Ctrl F1), you can also type in a number to explicitly set what frame you want. 

Timeline Setting Quick Access from viewport

You can access timeline setting directly from the viewport, (Shortcut is Ctrl Shift F1)

Setting Frame Range interactively

Setting your frame range interactively by pressing F, (Press tab to toogle between start and end), if you want to set both start and end frame, just press F again to set the frame range. 

Shortcut Keys:

CTRL-F1 - Change Current Frame

CTRL-SHIFT-F1 - Frame Setting Quick Access

Interactive Frame Range:

F - Activate Interactive Frame Range

TAB - Toggle Start and End (The other side will snap back to where it was)

F - Set Frame and Toggle (Set the current start/end, and toggle to start/end

Click / Enter - Confirm

Right Click / Esc - Cancel


Planned Features:

-Generate Marker from frame range

-Jump to specific marker

-Generate Frame Range from marker

-Export / Import Marker

-Export / Import Frame Range

-Play from Start (Useful for simulation)

You can suggest more in Discord Channel

Price might increase in future if more feature is added. 



Version 1.2: 

17/6/2020 Frame Ranger: Released!


If you want to suggest an improvement or report a problem, lets discuss it in Discord Channel