by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons


I have included a .blend with a cool modifier stack for volume fracturing(limited)

Once you have downloaded the tool:

Install from zip in the Blender Preferences > Add-ons Tab

When you enable it, the FractureMOD panel will be located in the Physics Tab(N)

Setup is simple:

Click Generate to add FractureMod to active object

A user friendly UI will be enabled, here you can control the look of the fracture pattern. Count = Number of shards you'd like to generate.

The Grid Size is the overall resolution. Note: If your object is already subdivided, remove the Remesh modifier & it will apply with the given faces.

You can control the thickness of the generated fracture.

Smoothing is also possible along with a Stone factor(iteration smoothing) for stone generation, rocks, etc.

Once you are done, hit the Extract button to convert to individual parts!