Foam Painter

by Martin Lisen in Surfacing

Foam Painter 2024 for Blender 4 - Create realistic foams

  1. New: Foam Painter 2024, now fully compatible with Blender 4, is the evolution of photorealistic rendering. Developed from my extensive experience creating high-end visuals for discerning clients, Foam Painter will continue to grow, incorporating new presets and demo scenes inspired by my ongoing work and usage.
What is Foam Painter Assets ?

The Foam Painter Assets helps you create foam geometry and texture for your photorealistic renderings. It combines a geometry node to draw the foam or is easily applied to existing geometry, with an advanced shader system. With Foam Painter, expect updates including new presets for greater efficiency and new demo scenes, at no extra cost.

As a creator of photorealistic visuals, you know the importance of an effective tool for both close-ups and long shots. Too often, we think we're doing the right thing, but when it comes to raising the bar on realism, solutions are hard to come by.

Foam Painter merges these requirements into a single tool and removes the traditional difficulties encountered in representing foaming beverages such as beer, soda, coffee and soap, while offering a complete solution for authentic, high-definition renderings.

Foam Painter incorporates key features designed to maximize realism and efficiency in the creation of foam textures for Blender:

Customizable shape

Fully customize the foam with precise control over the size, position and intensity of bubbles or craters.

Quick overview

Adjust and perfect your creations in real time with the quick preview. Optimize your workflow for immediate results.

Bump or Displacement 

Choice between quality and performance. Adapt the texture of your foam to each project, whether for high-quality rendering or optimized performance.

Volume & density control

Independent management of foam density, color and consistency.

Painting Foam

Transform existing geometry or draw directly onto your objects for realistic, organic precision.

Why choose Foam Painter Assets ? 

Unlike existing tools, which are often outdated and not optimized for the latest versions of Blender, Foam Painter offers advanced features such as displacement for photorealistic close-up rendering. Designed by an experienced 3D artist, Foam Painter aims to ease the creative process without compromising quality, thanks to intuitive nodes for drawing foam, precise bubble control, and ready-to-use presets to speed up production.

Painter Node

Transform your surfaces with ease to create organic foam textures with this innovative geometry node.

Controler Node

Control the complexity of your textures with up to 9 layers of bubbles for precise control

Assets Plug-and-Play 

Speed up your workflow with ready-to-use nodes and assets, simplifying the creation process.

Demo scenes and presets

Stay tuned for updates enriching your library with new scenes and presets.

Is Foam Painter right for your project? 

Like any specialized tool, Foam Painter excels at creating photorealistic foam textures for Blender. However, it's crucial to choose the right tool for the job. Foam Painter, while powerful and a serious contender on the market, may not be suitable for every type of project, due to its technical specifications but also to the level of detail available. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask a question at the following e-mail address, or consult the FAQ before you buy. 

Offers exceptional value for money.

Unlike other foam shaders, which promise you a high-quality result that unfortunately doesn't live up to your expectations, Foam Painter is available as a set of variations.  This means you only pay the difference to acquire the all-in-one package, enabling substantial savings if you decide to opt for the full version after testing the individual functions.

Do you want to work entirely in Blender? Then this is the best value for money you can get!

What "askNK" saying about Foam Painter ? 

What you get in the full package: 

- Lifetime access to future updates and features

- Example scenes with lighting and render setups

- Preset scenes for popular foam effects and types

- Tool support by e-mail or via Discord

- Mesh Painter Node to create geometry in 2 clicks

- Shape Maker Node to create craters or beautiful bubbles on any surface

- Foam Shader either with displacement or only in Bump mode for faster rendering

- Bubble Preview Shader for easy bubble placement and settings


You create videos on Youtube or in stream and you wish to test and make discover Foam Painter to your community? Contact me, you'll be rewarded. [email protected]

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