Flush Toilet

by josepetri in Models

Using the Model

For use the model in your scene you just need to open your project, go to Menu File/Append or Link Object and choose the folder where the Flush Toilet was downloaded or saved, choose the file, there you choose the folder Group and them you just click on Flush Toilet, the model will appear on your 3D Cursor. You can move, rotate and scale the object in your scene. I recommend to you to use link, choose that you will use less memory in your project, but you can't change the Flush Toilet file to another folder, if you choose Append you can move Flush Toilet file and your project without any problem, but your project will be heavy. If you want to change the ceramic color you could choose the Material "Ceramic" and change the Node color. Any questions please leave a message and I will answer as soon as possible.