Flower Generator

by Patrik Hultberg in Addons

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  • Alex Delker
    11 months ago

    Doesn't seem to work on 3.4.1 which I get is 2+ years removed from when this was released, but it is a bummer.

  • Camille
    over 1 year ago

    It's good for simple tasks, but it's sad it's not based on geometry node. It's nearly impossible to animate, and it's not possible to put our own leaves inside. With a system made out of Geometry this would be possible. But I highly appreciate the idea and I hope a more complete version will be created.

  • thomas Meurisse
    over 2 years ago

    Good so far. Here are some feedback for further improvement : Impossible to add your own petal material. The flowers don't spawn on the cursor but on an arbitrary world space. position.

    • Patrik Hultberg

      over 2 years ago

      Thank you for your review. The idea of it spawning at a specific location is to keep the geometry of leaves correct when updating the properties. However, I can understand that this can be irritating and hopefully I can find a solution. The materials are made with a specific amount of leaves for more variation which might. After you have finished your flower type, you can indeed change the material how you like in the materials. Just remember not to update any settings afterwards on that specific flower or your adjustments will be lost.

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