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  • flint757 about 3 years ago

    This might be by design, but when using FlexOrigin on multiple objects in object mode it only moves the origin of the active object. You can move your whole selection around that origin, but the active object has to be the one with the origin you created or you won't be working with the FlexOrigin empty, but the active object's origin. Also, in edit mode you still have to set the 3D cursor to the origin you created to move individual faces, edges, and vertices around the origin point that you've set (assuming the individual origin of your selection is NOT where the origin is currently placed for the object). When you set it to individual origins it's manipulated around the defaulted origin for the selection. If your origin isn't set to the center of your selection in edit mode then it won't be manipulated from the point of origin. A relatively easy fix though. Just shift+s and move 3D cursor to origin and change pivot to 3D cursor. There may not be away around these particular hangups with the way Blender is designed though, so I won't fault the add-on for that. Something to consider while improving the add-on though.

    With a bit of polish this add-on has a lot of potential simplifying origin placement, and the price is right. It takes what would be several steps and back-and-forth between object and edit mode and turns it into just 1 or 2 steps when it's working. Snapping to the center of your selection works like a dream in object and edit mode. Being able to rotate my origin without entering edit mode makes it worth it all by itself.

    I'm giving it 4 stars because it has a lot of potential. With a few extra safeguards, or improved documentation that address its hangups, I think it should work fine for most people.


    In edit mode when you click a face, edge, vertex, etc. and click the FlexOrigin button it tells you to click enter or escape to cancel. If you select a vertex (the only thing movable as far as I can tell) and move it before responding to the prompt the prompt disappears and Blender seems to get stuck in this limited mode where shortcuts are disabled but the window returns to normal view making it seem like the operation is done when it isn't (probably a loop in your add-on). So either you'll need to make it where the individual can only hit enter or escape once they've selected FlexOrigin in edit mode or you'll need to make it so that selecting something else before accepting automatically cancels the operation. Currently you can still select a single vertex while placing the new FlexOrigin. If you move the vertex at all while in this mode it locks up the add-on. If you hit enter or escape everything goes back to normal though (at any time and in any mode; outside of edit mode you'll get a traceback error, but things return to normal regardless).

    It's possible jacobo experienced the same thing I did which means it's too easy to make happen to not properly document or fix it. It'd be nice if you could turn your paragraph under documentation into headers, bullets, add indention's, break it down into multiple paragraphs to make it more readable, etc.

    • paleajed over 1 year ago

      New versions of the addon online now take into account a lot of points you made: v143 for 2.7x and v150 for 2.80!

  • jacobo almost 4 years ago

    This is by far one of the most unfunctional, bug laden, broken crap I've bought from this site to date. Don't even bother because it just doesn't work as advertised...

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