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What is the Flares Wizard ?

Flares Wizard is an add-on for creating realistic lens flares quickly and easily in Blender/Cycles.

Why I created this add-on?

It's sad that in a fantastic software like Blender with all its features we can't create decent lens flares.
That's why I decided to create something similar to Optical flares for Bender.


Do I need those "Lens flares"?

Lens flares are the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms, such as internal reflection and scattering from material inhomogeneities in the lens.
It's an effect that happen in real cameras, just like depth of field and chromatic aberration, in the world of CG we try to mimic those effects to add more realism. However, if used badly it may destroy a nice piece of art.
This effect is heavily used in the cinema industry, commercials, motion graphics...



  • Real-time preview: Design and see the result in the 3D viewport.
  • Super fast rendering: it needs only 1 sample!
  • Custom presets: 23 presets in the first release and more to come.
  • Save, load: you can easily save your creation and reuse it any time, or even share it.
  • Non destructive workflow: once you create a lens flare, you will need the add-on just to edit it, you can even disable the add-on and the lens flare will still work, it's great for sharing your blends or sending it to a render farm ...
  • Animation ready: The add-on generates an advanced rig to control the lens flares.
  • Camera border detection: if the lens flare is no longer visible by the camera you can make it fadeout.
  • Obstacles detection: when the lens flares is obscured by a 3D object it will disappear.
  • Blinking : make the lens flare blink.


Change Log

V 1.1.0  video demo

  • Added an easier way to load a preset.
  • Added an option for the lamp to copy the color of the flare.
  • Fixed a bug: occur when changing the scale of the camera.

V 1.1.1  

  • a small fix to the obstacles detection, now works with Blender 2.77.

V 1.1.3  

  • The obstacles system is now much faster and accurate (since the version 1.1.2).
  • Fixed a bug, causing artefacts when the target is very far away from the camera.
  • Other small changes.
  • NB: No backward compatibility.

V 1.1.4 

  • 9 New presets.
  • Works with Blender 2.77 & 2.78



The car model by thecali, The jet model by KuhnIndustries

A big thank you to Mohammad Eideh for his help.






The Manual is included with the zip file.

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Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 4 from 5 ratings by the community.

  • brent3d 8 days ago

    Just awesome! Easy to use and the 3D setting is a great option for flare placement within your scene.

  • Steve Warner 10 months ago

    This is an exceptional tool that offers an elegant solution for adding high-quality Lens Flares in Blender. The settings are comprehensive and give you a ton of options for customizing the look of your flares. The presets that come with this paid version are all very nice. (To be honest, I bought the paid version not because of the presets, but because I wanted to support the author's hard work.) If you're looking for a professional lens flare solution, look no further. This is it.

    • Monaime Zaim 10 months ago

      Thank you very much Steve for the rating and for your support! I really appreciate it!

  • mattvg about 2 years ago

    This is a really amazing product. It'd be wonderful if the strange artifacting others have spoken about (and which brought me here looking for answers) would be addressed. Increasing the camera size worked, but an actual fix would be marvelous.

  • richardkhoa about 2 years ago

    Did Rickietee10 get his reply yet? I would also like to hear any advice regarding the same topic. Thanks

    • Monaime Zaim about 2 years ago

      Hi, this is a limitation in the add-on, you can't move the target too far away from the camera when using the property "In 3D Space", fortunately there are workarounds that may help, the first is to scale up the camera to something like (100,100,100) depending on your scene, the second is to increase the "Z offset" but it may not work in all the situations, so i recommend just changing the scale of the camera.

  • Richard Traynor over 2 years ago

    Hi, I've been having some real issues with this lately. I can't put this in an animation scene 'too far' away from the camera, or I get black artifacts or overlap artifacts with it. This is with full GI and Transparency bounces all up to 1024. Is there any advice?

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