Fast Image Texture Exporter (Fit Exporter)

by EBTRR in Scripts and Addons

The Fast Image Texture Exporter (short: FIT Exporter) allows you the select objects or collections and export all Image Textures from every object as JPG or PNG with your own quality or compression settings.




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You have two Dropout-Menus in the panel.

There you can choose between PNGs and JPGs.

You set the Compression and Quality settings.


Important Information:


Low Compression settings larger file size but a faster saving of the images.

High Compression settings smaller file size but more prolonged time to compress. (If you go over 70 %, it can take multiple seconds for one image)

PNG is a lossless compression format. You never lose pixel accuracy (information), but it is larger and often takes longer to compress or decompress. Compression only influences the file size and the time to compress and decompress.

Recommend settings: 15 % to 30 % 


Low Quality means a smaller file size but a loss of image pixel accuracy.

High Quality means a larger file size but a smaller loss of pixel accuracy.

JPG is a lossy compression. It exists nearly no time difference between saving an image with high or low compression settings.

Recommend settings: 85 % to 95 %


When you export the images, the addon will create a folder with the object's name using these images textures, and the images will be saved inside this folder.


For example:

The location is C:\Content\Images, and the object name is Cube, with the textures called Cube_Roughness and Cube_Specular


The saved PNG images will be C:\Content\Images\Cube\Cube_Roughness.png and C:\Content\Images\Cube\Cube_Specular.png.


Exporting PNGs:

Re-Exporting PNGs:

Exporting JPGs:

Exporting Collection:

Compression Differences:

PNGs with 20% Compression

PNGs with 100% Compression

JPGs with 95% Quality:

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Published about 2 months ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
License GPL
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