Fireplace Scene

by polygoniq in Models

Fireplace Scene

This is a scene of a modern fireplace in a concrete wall with firewood and a minimalistic dining table, benches and coffee table that go well with it.


Scene itself is pretty lowpoly – just 3506 triangles. Detail is appropriate though, nothing lacks more complex geometry. Every part is properly named and the scene contains total of 8 different materials.


The scene contains 8 realistic archviz materials.

I assigned difficulty rating to each of those depending on the node count and my perception.
Maximum complexity is 10, minimum is 1.

Concrete Panels 4/10
White Wood Floor 6/10 customizable: overall specularity bump wood bump scratches fresnel glossiness
Concrete Panels Decal 3/10 using small round decal texture mapped on quads
Firewood 4/10
Fire 5/10
Fair Wood 3/10
Fireplace Smoked Wall 4/10
Rough Smoked Concrete 4/10


All texture sizes range from L to XL. (except for the decal texture, which is small)

Texture list:

Concrete_Panels_Diffuse.png 1000 x 1000 px
Floor_Wood_White_Diffuse.png 2000 x 1600 px
Fire_Diffuse.png 2048 x 2048 px RGBA
Fire_Emission.png 2048 x 2048 px RGBA
Fireplace_Desk_Diffuse.png 1737 x 1044 px
Fireplace_Wall_Diffuse.png 2475 x 1356 px
Firewood_Diffuse 4096 x 2048 px
Firewood_Normal 4096 x 2048 px
Scratches_Bump.png 1600 x 1200 px
Wood_Fair_Diffuse.png 1133 x 1200 px
Concrete_Decal_Diffuse.png 37 x 36 px

Appending into a Scene

1 Open the .blend file of your scene

2 press Shift F1 or File -> Append
3 find this .blend and select it
4 go into Group or Object or Material
5 select what you need
6 press "Link/Append from Library"