Fire Extinguisher

by The CGI Creator in Models

This is the Model of Fire Extinguisher with Realistic Textures

Modeled in Blender

Textured in Substance Painter

Rendered in Cycles

Here are some Details of the model:-

No. of objects :- 27

No. of Polys :- 12,927 (subdivision level 0)

No. of polys :- 205, 570 (subdivision level 2)

Why To purchase this model ?

you can Use This Model in any Short Movie or in any of your shot or Render without spending time making it

Before Purchasing you can view the 3D View of this model Here.

What Will you Get ?

You will get Blend File of this model with every texture packed in it along you will get a folder containing all the textures used in this to import this model in any other software.

High Poly/Low Poly

In This File, Model has subdivision level of 2 which is High Poly, if you want to use Low Poly Model then delete the subdivision surface Modifier and you are good to go.  

Published 6 months ago
Software Version 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License Royalty Free
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