Field Bandage Pbr

by GamePoly Studios in Models

Field Bandage PBR

Very Detailed Low Poly Bandage / Gauze with High-Quality PBR Texturing.

Fits perfect for any PBR game such as First Aid og Decoration

Sculpting done in Zbrush and Retopologized, High Poly mesh Baked and PBR Painted.

Standard Textures Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Height, AO, Normal, Maps

Unreal 4 Textures Base Color, Normal, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic

Unity 5/2017 Textures Albedo, SpecularSmoothness, Normal, and AO Maps

2048x2048 TGA Textures

Please Note, this PBR Textures Only.

Low Poly Triangles

476 Tris 240 Verts

Setup for Blender 2.79

Other File Formats :

.Max2018 .Max2017 .Max2016 .Max2015 .FBX .OBJ .3DS .DAE