Ferrari Italia

by inlite in Models

Slick and slender!

The Ferrari Italia is undoubtedly a design worth taking a second look at, not only because it's unique but also because it's pleasing to the eye. This model comes in 2 designs: the original appearance and a race version which includes a body texture, a spoiler and a different fender. They're all correctly parented so that if you decide midway through your project you want to switch between the 2 it's just a matter of changing visible layers! Both the exterior and interior are super detailed.

Feature list

  • The Car itself :D
  • Naming system prefixed with "FER" before each part so that you can easily append it into your current project and not have to look for anything or run the risk of having it renamed to an untidy ".001"
  • Animation ready with an easy-to-use setup
  • Included lighting setup (infinity curve with some surrounding lights)

Tech specs:

The model uses 32k verts or 28k polygons originally and requires a subsurf level of 2 at the most to get a smooth render. Textures are included