Female Sweater Maker 50 Vdm Fold Brushes And 5 Basemeshes

by Artistic Squad in Models

Sweaters are a must have for many female characters, as this kind of clothing is part of many outfits. Female Sweater Maker contains everything you need for building sweaters for your characters in no time, inside Blender. A must have for your female characters!

This product contains VDM Blender brushes and 5 basemeshes for making sweaters and add folds to them.

If you own our "Male Sweater Maker", this pack is a nice addon, as it contains 50 more VDM fold brushes, completely different, and 5 bases for female.

You can use the new fold brushes together with the other pack, making a huge pack of fold brushes together, for lots of cloth modeling!


  • 50 VDM Blender brushes: already made, so you don't have to move the settings, just use them.
  • 5 Female sweater basemeshes. All the basemeshes have already modeled seams, and you can delete them easily if needed.
  • 3 Sweater seamless patterns for your textures and bump maps.
  • 50 Alphas in PSD and JPG format.
  • A PDF tutorial for Blender that explains how to install and use the brushes.
  • A PDF index of the brushes so you can choose them easily.

Includes VDM brushes, that create 3D details on a sculpt (You need Blender 3.5 and above).

Sales 10+
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License Royalty Free
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