Faucet Set

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Faucet Set

This is a set of three realistic Faucets and one realistic Spigot created in Blender and rendered in cycles.

The models are all ready to be added into your scene. These models are great for realistic 3D interior settings - Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc.

 The textures and shaders are easily customizable - You can create your own or alter the current texture.

Models were created in Blender 2.78c


Please Check out my other 3D models

Feel free to ask me any questions about the model. 

Each faucet is parented to the the Spout of the faucet. To move or position a faucet just select the spout of that faucet to move it.

The models were created using the subdivision surface modifier so that the poly count can be altered if needed.

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