Fantasy Sword

by 3d Things in Models

PBR textured Fantasy Sword

Measure units are meters, it is about 50 cm in height. 

File contains one mesh object that consists of 11256 triangular faces.

Available formats: .blend, .fbx, .3ds, .obj, .dae.


Here is three set of textures:

  1.     Met_Rough     (Sword_BaseColor.png; Sword_Metallic.png; Sword_Normal.png;     Sword_Roughness.png)
  2. Spec_Gloss
  3. Unity_Met      (textures for Unity Game Engine)

All textures has 2048x2048 resolution.

Ambient occlusion texture is available either.

Cycles materials that was used for rendering are available in .blend file.

Textures are available in special folder and packed into .blend file.


Render in Cycles and in Evee. ( Cycles render is with cast shadows)