Fantasy Building Generator Add-On

by GladeForge in Models

Fantasy Building Generator

-Blender Add-On

-Version 2.0

-Released: January 14, 2024

-By Matt Joslin, GladeForge (


After purchase, available for download will be a zip file which includes a .py file and a .blend file.  The file name is "Fantasy Building"

To install: 

1. Go to Edit->Preferences->Add-ons Tab 

2. Press Install

3. Find and choose the zip file (Fantasy Building, Press "Install Add-on" 

4. Activate it by checking the checkbox next to "Add Mesh: Fantasy Building Generator." 

5. Now "Fantasy Building Generator" will be available in your "Add Mesh" menu -> "GladeForge" sub-menu. 

6. After adding the mesh, you can adjust the settings by selecting the building and clicking the "Modifiers" tab.  There you will see many customization options and sliders.

7. To view or use the preset buildings and materials, check the box "Use Presets" at the top of the settings.  Uncheck this box if you'd like to use any of the customization options below the preset options.



-Mesh and shader materials have been designed for use with the Cycles render engine.

-For best results, keep within the slider ranges.  That is, use the arrows on the adjustment sliders rather than typing in values.  This will ensure you stay within the parameters that will make the mesh creation operate correctly and appear as intended.  For example: the maximum story count is currently 3.  If you type in 4, the roof will move up but a 4th floor will not appear.

-You can also click and hold the adjustment slider and drag side to side to adjust.  Hold shift while doing this for more refined adjustments.

-As you make your building smaller, you may have to lower dormer, wall section, and window counts (in x and y directions) and adjust spacing to prevent objects appearing on top of one another.

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