Facial Anatomy Basemesh

by Chuong-Tran in Models

What will I get?

  • You will get whatever you see in the screenshots.
  • The project in .blend.
  • Likeness sculpts of 6 Celebrities in .FBX form.
  • from left to right is Angela Sarafyan, James Marsden, Lauren Cohan, Alexa Mansour, Jimmi Simpson, Summer Glau
  • FACS Reference - 34 expressions ( Shapekeys/Blendshapes )
  • FACS based on Norman Reedus Likeness
  • a basic basemesh based on BJ Novak Likeness.
  • Included Teeth, Caruncle, and Eyeballs.
  • Portfolio folder where I showcase my work.


  • 4 Female, 2 Male, 1 Neutral Basemesh, 1 FACS 
  • All Quad!
  • Subdivision ready!
  • Sculpt ready using Multires!
  • UV Unwrapped!
  • Video Game Ready!
  • Over 30+ different FACS to reference from!!

                  FACS DEMONSTRATION

what is FACS you ask? FACS stands for Facial Action Coding System or a list of Facial Movements that you can use it to blend between to get the expressions you want. 

Why should I buy it?

  • you can use the model as a base mesh for sculpting
  • or use it as facial anatomy reference
  • FACS expressions for anatomy Reference
  • Great for Video game Production
  • Clean UV Layout
  • or just to simply help out a High School student like me make a few bucks : P


  • The .FBX basemeshes comes in High Poly only
  • to get the lowest poly you need to use Multires Modifier and UNSUBDIVDIE it to the poly count of your choosing
  • Some models are texture interchangeable, what does this mean? some model shares the same UV layout, which texture can be interchanged between 2 basemeshes for easier texture painting mostly.
  • all basemeshes provided except 2 are using the same basemesh. which can be then combined into Morph target ( Shapekey /Blendshapes). I have no success in achieving such a result in Blender.
  • FACS will be included in the BLENDER PROJECT as I have no success in exporting it out. Please Append it to a new .Blend rather than exporting it out as it will break the blend shapes.


Just a little background, I started learning 3D sculpting just a year ago, roughly around the same time I started doing Blender. I first started doing stylized and cartoony head sculpt but later shifted into Realism and more realistic sculpt. and those heads that you see are the heads I have sculpted in recently. During my journey, I found that it's really hard to visualize Facial Anatomy 3 dimensionally without a reference or guide, not only that but using basemesh as a starting point is much more time-efficient while of course learning the fundamental of a person likeness. figured I might as well share these base meshes for anatomy reference at a reasonable price. and please if you in any way can't afford this just send me an email with your name and I will email a copy for free to you. 

Contact Information

if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or just about anything, or heck if you want to hire me, please contact me at [email protected]. I also do Freelance work. 

Artstation page - https://artisawesome.artstation.com/

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Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
Render Engine Used Blender Internal
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Low & High Resolution
License Editorial
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