Faceflex - Blendshapes Generator For Arkit & Wonder Studio

by Munish Kumar in Addons

About FaceFlex:

Bring your 3D face models to life with FaceFlex, the affordable and time-saving Blender addon. Designed for generating ARKit & Wonder Studio Blend Shapes for facial motion capture, FaceFlex also includes a CSV tool that simplifies the process of linking your CSV data animations (exported from the LiveLink Face app) to your 3D models. This makes it an excellent solution for those seeking a cost-effective solution for facial animation.

Invest in FaceFlex today and simplify your facial animation process. Enjoy the convenience, affordability, and time-saving benefits of this Blender addon.

  • Included in your purchase:
    • A Free Reference PDF: A reference guide to ARKit 52 blendshapes poses, with high-quality blendshapes facial reference poses.
    • FaceFlex: Helps in generating 61 ARKit & 90 Wonder Studio Blend Shapes.
    • Link CSV: Easily link your CSV animation data (exported from LiveLink Face) to your 3D model that has blendshapes.
    • Reset Shapekeys: A handy button that resets all shapekeys values to zero.

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 3.0, 2.8
Extension Type Legacy Add-on
License GPL
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