European robin

by Junnichi Suko in Models

This is a 3Dmodel and animations of European robin.

Two models were included.


10216 Verts

8556 Faces


2980 Verts

2204 Faces


These models tailored to Blender's unit.

The wing span is about 22cm.

The feature of the model is that it has a realistic proportion of the skeleton so that the pose folding feathers and the flapping animation are reproduced.

The flapping motion is not just a vertical motion but a three-dimensional motion of the humerus, ulna and metacarpals is reproduced.

The animation set has basic items that you can move freely within the game engine.

note:To use Root Motion with UE4, I need 3dsMax.

How to import to the game engine

Animation names are listed in the documentation.

Animation names:

10-30 loop Idle1

40-60 loop FlapForward

70-90 loop FlapRight

100-120 loop FlapLeft

130-150 loop FlapUp

160-180 loop FlapDown

190-210 loop HopForward

220-240 loop HopRight

250-270 loop HopLeft

280-300 loop HopBack

310-330 loop WalkForward

340-360 loop WalkRight

370-390 loop WalkLeft

400-420 loop WalkBack

430-450 loop Hover

460-470 loop CloseWingFly

480-500 Attack

510-530 Hit

540-570 Death

580-610 Rebirth

620-640 Catch

650-670 Release

680-705 Soar

730-760 Landing

770-800 Jump

810-830 loop TurnRight

840-860 loop TurnLeft

870-890 loop Fall

900-930 loop Idle2

940-970 Bathing

980-1000 Grooming

1010-1040 Call

1050-1080 Eat

1090-1110 loop GlideRight

1120-1140 loop GlideLeft

1150-1170 loop GlideForward

1180-1230 courtship(unused)

1240-1270 IdleOnTree

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