Erosion - Mastering Simulation Nodes Course

by Nodegroup in Training

In this course, we will embark on a hike through simulation nodes, focusing on the fascinating world of erosion simulations.

While our primary focus will be on building a hydraulic erosion simulation, the techniques learned can be applied to various scenes and models beyond natural landscapes. Whether it's urban environments, characters, or props, this method offers a versatile approach to mesh manipulation, responding to the contours and gradients of your models.

We're carrying out the whole erosion system as a particle control exercise which means that all of the skills you learn in the bouncing ball and boids courses will be useable here to further improve your ability to create the exact results that you're looking for. Simulation is notoriously difficult to control and so we're going to be spending time in this course to ensure that you have the skills needed to reach your goals.

So, let's dive in and embark on the journey of crafting breathtaking natural terrains.

Take this course to learn:

  • Understanding the concepts around particle-based erosion
  • Optimal algorithm for sliding across the surface
  • Creating an initial "simple" erosion system
  • Understanding sediment capacity
  • Controlling erosion against sedimentation
  • Generalising the system for different base terrain types
  • Creating extra data for shaders and scattering
  • Building a 4-zone terrain shader
  • Populating the scene with nature assets (supplied)

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.6
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