Erindale Toolkit - Advanced Geometry Nodes Groups (Updated For Fields)

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Now with over 130 nodes!

Be sure to grab the right version

  • v1.1 for Blender 2.93 LTS (send a message if you need v1.1)

  • ETK_Core_3-1 for Blender 3.1

    • ETK_Core_3-3 for Blender 3.3 LTS
    • ETK_Core_3.4 for Blender 3.4

    The Toolkit contains more advanced tools created for Geometry Nodes workflows. For v0.1, the primary focus of the Toolkit was on camera culling and LOD tools. Since v0.2 we can also generate points procedurally so there are a lot of new nodes to provide advanced arrays and instancing.

    With the v1.0 update we are now shipping as a "proper" addon. 

    Camera Culling allows us to automatically optimise an instance-heavy scene as we can restrict instances only to the area within view of the camera.

    LODs (Levels of Detail) allow us to further optimise a scene by reducing the visual fidelity of distant meshes. The LOD tools in this pack give controls over distance limits for different LOD meshes.

    The generator nodes first introduced in v0.2 allow for much more complex positioning of instances which we can push into areas such as architectural form finding and motion graphics. 

    V1.1: Instructions on installation, explanations of all the node sockets and examples of use can be found in the documentation.

    V2.0: Install like a normal add-on.

    You can find video documentation for all the nodes below:

    Included Nodes: (05/02/22)


    1st April 2023

    • Renamed Experimental category to Advanced

    • Updated Bounding Box per Instance to be better optimised

    • Added ETK_Tessellate (sockets have tooltips) to mimic simple Tissue addon features

    17th December 2022

    - Fixed a bug with the Mesh to SDF node not adding correctly.

    10th December 2022

    - Upgraded Edge Lattice node to be faster

      - Added Bounding Box Instance, Bounding Box Instance Rotated, Bounding Box Group Index, Instance Packer, Collection Info+

        - Added Fill holes, Manifold Edge selection, Shortest Length Path nodes

          - Added UV Project from Vector and UV Cube Project nodes

          25th September 2022

          - Added an Edge Lattice node into the Generators category

          21st September 2022

          - Added axis selection to Curve Deform node.

            - Added Field Mean to calculate average field per group index (eg average vector per mesh island)

              - Added Debug node to preview a field on a shader (included automatically)

                - Added UV Helper to help store and preview UV layouts.

                  - Added Move Along Curve node for sliding objects along curves. Supports looped animation.

                    - Fixed bugs in Marching Cubes, Remesh, Mapping, Mesh Boundary nodes.

                    26th July 2022

                    - Updated Align Tilt to Vector to fix errors.

                    - Updated Mesh to SDF to add accuracy toggle to check 3 axis instead of 1.

                    - Updated Marching Cubes to use new Volume Cube in 3.3.

                    - Added Remesh, Curve Deform, and Position Deform nodes.

                    22nd May 2022

                    - Sort Attribute and Sort Vertices are added to the Fields category. Shuffle Attribute updated (was Shuffle Field).

                      - Smooth Bezier (turns mesh or curve into bezier spline with auto handles) and Align Tilt to Vector added to Curves category

                      26th April 2022

                      - Added a Point to Volume to Mesh node with accurate smoothing (ETK_PtVtM).

                        - Added a Field Lines node which can trace out a vector field.

                        17th April 2022

                        - Added Experimental menu section for some of the less stable/complete nodes.

                          - Added an Inverse Kinematics node to allow for some simple rigging style work.

                          - Removed Attributes to Instances, Field Length, Mesh to Instance nodes as these are now built-in functions.

                            - Updated the Mesh Boundary node and Suzanne node.

                            10th April 2022 b

                            - Updated Marching Cubes to with ideas from Wannes and Riaz. Now 20-30% faster and with better smoothing.

                            - Added a Marching Squares BETA node which is WIP but takes some of the marching cubes lessons learned.

                            10th April 2022 a

                            - Added a Mesh to SDF node.

                            - Added a BETA version of the Marching Cubes node (contains some bugs still).

                            2nd April 2022

                            - Added a Solidify node (similar to Soldify modifier set to simple)

                            1st April 2022

                            - Corrected normals on Loft Curves node.

                            - Added a Suzanne generator node.

                            30th March 2022

                            - Added a Marching Squares nodes.

                            29th March 2022

                            - Added new Mask nodes: Boundary Loop, Internal Faces, Expand Selection, Distance from Point, Face Sides, Faces Area, Face Perimeter, Edge Angle, Edge Length, Is Wire, Island Verts, Island Area, Mesh Side, Select Similar Verts, Select Similar Edges, Select Similar Faces, Select Similar Islands.

                            18th March 2022

                            - Fixed bug with Circle / Ellipse / Cylinder nodes.

                              - Added a Purge Islands node (deletes mesh islands according to number of vertices).

                              - Added an Edge Direction node for masking by edge direction.

                              11th February 2022

                              - Added a Distribute Points in Volume node (utilities)

                              - Fixed off-by-one bug in Field Offset node.

                              9th February 2022

                              - Added a Flip Index node to the Fields category.

                              5th February 2022

                              - Fixed an error in the Cartesian to Cylindrical and Space Convertor nodes.

                              22nd December 2021

                              - Remade the Wire Flood node to be more predictable and 10-20x faster.

                              - Fixed bugs that caused Displace Noise and Voronoi and several others to not work.

                              11th December 2021

                              - Renamed from Erindale Toolkit to ETK Core in preparation for expansion packs.

                              - Fixed bugs with several nodes that had been updated to B3.1Alpha nodes. Now works for 3.0.

                              - Fixed Brick nodes.

                              - Added Spherical Spiral, Loft Curves, Cross Section, Raycast Scatter, Twist, Bend nodes.

                              - Added a global toggle for Show Render visibility on relevant nodes. N > Options > ETK Options.

                              28th November, 2021

                              - Squashed bugs in Copy on Points node and Spirograph node.

                              - Optimised Field Get Item and Field Replace.

                              - Added Preview outputs for Selection nodes to view areas.

                              - Added a Transform+ node which transforms based on bounding box centres instead of world origin.

                              - Added a Raycast+ node which is like the regular raycast but also visualises the rays.

                              - Added a To Wires node which turns any curve / mesh / point cloud into hanging wires.

                              - Added scaling to the Looping Coordinate node.

                              9th November, 2021

                              - Added Random Bias F & V nodes which allow for a bias in randomness.

                              4th Novemeber, 2021

                              - Added a Mesh to Instance node.

                              1st November, 2021

                              - Added a "Backface Check" toggle to the Points Inside Mesh node to be more flexible.

                              - Removed Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates

                              - Added Cartesian to Cylindrical, Cartesian to Spherical, Cylindrical to Cartesian, Spherical to Cartesian, and a Space Converter node.

                              - Added Window Coordinate mapping node.

                              27th October, 2021

                              - Fixed socket naming on Copy on Points.

                              - Added new category of Falloff nodes with various easing types.

                              - Added the Basher node from shaders.

                              22nd October, 2021

                              - Squashed a bug with Wire Flood and Camera Cull nodes.

                              - Added displacement nodes and a new category for mapping nodes including things like Looping and Spherical coordinates.

                              22nd October, 2021

                              - v2.0 Update! Finally we are jumping into fields with this update containing 65 nodes created from scratch. Many are ported from the previous version but there's also a bunch more. Documentation to follow at a later date.

                              11th October, 2021

                              - v1.1 LTS update. Addon has changed to no longer append ALL nodes to all files. Now nodes are called only as added by the user.

                              - Brick Wall nodes are both updated to fix spacing.

                              21st May, 2021

                              - v1.0 LTS update! Added a further 8 node groups and created a proper addon to import nodes via menu categories.

                              - Updated the PHYLLOTAXIS node so that the expand value no longer alters the radius. 

                              - Updated the documentation.

                              5th April, 2021

                              - v0.3 update! Added a further 9 node groups and updated many of the existing groups.

                              - Updated the documentation to cover all changes since v0.2 and provide an additional use example.

                              23rd March, 2021

                              - v0.2.2 minor update. Updated generator nodes to accommodate the updated Primitive Nodes - effects BRICK STRAIGHT and BRICK ARC.

                              - Added Fac outputs to all generators. Documentation isn't updated but the Fac should be clear what it refers to on each node, outputs a 0-1 range.

                              21st March, 2021

                              - v0.2 update! 21 new nodes added and node naming convention changed to ETK_ prefix.

                              - Existing nodes streamlined and updated.

                              5th March, 2021

                              - Updated the file with a bugfix. (LOD node miscalculating the offset between the camera and object if the object was moved from the world origin)


                              The nodegroups and the included addon are licensed as GNU GPL - the same license as Blender uses.

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