Eren'S Texture Pack - Volume 1

by Katsukagi in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Jennifer Porteous over 3 years ago

    Generous and varied texture pack, all seamless, high quality large images including bump, displacement and occlusion. Excellent value for the price.

    • gendosplace over 3 years ago

      Hi Jennifer. Thank you very much for your purchase and for the review. Best regards.

  • Samat Nuss over 3 years ago

    A really good texture pack with a lot of variety. You pretty much could feed a scene with only textures out of this pack.
    The only thing that might be missing in my opinion are roughness maps. I would even take them over specular but thats my workflow.
    Glad I bought it and for 15 bucks this exceeded my expectations.

    • gendosplace over 3 years ago

      Thank you very much Samat, for the purchase and for the review.

      Regarding the roughness maps, you can invert the glossiness maps (in photoshop or in your elected software) and you get the roughness maps. Glossiness and roughness maps are just invert versions of each other. :)

      Thank you again.

  • Jonatan Ćwiąkalski almost 4 years ago

    Great textures (price more than appropriate). Thank you very much!
    Are you planning Volume 2? ;)

    • gendosplace almost 4 years ago

      Hi Jonatan. First of all thank you for your purchase and I'm glad you liked the textures. Regarding Volume 2, I'm planning in releasing as soon as I have some spare time. Expect a volume with even more textures and with higher resolution. I'm also planning a volume 3 but it will take a bit longer since it will be photo scanning textures with real displacement. :)

  • juha heikkinen about 4 years ago

    these are really great textures,works really good. Thank you very much.

    • gendosplace about 4 years ago

      Thank you very much for your purchase and for the rating.

      All the best,


  • lesnake59 over 4 years ago

    Etant débutant sur Blender (2.78) surtout j'ai du mal avec les texture et matéraiux. Donc j'ai acheté Texture Pack Eren - Volume 1 même si la somme 15 dollars n'est pas trop élevé, une video ou un fichier texte avec image aurait était utile. Je voulais gagné du temps, ben non je perd du temps et l'argent.

    • gendosplace over 4 years ago

      First of all thank you for your purchase.

      Second it seems that you are rating this product as a material or a shader pack. As I stated in the description this is NOT a material NOR a shader pack, this is a Texture Pack with 100 different textures and correspondent maps (diffuse, normal, displacement, glossiness, ambient occlusion and specularity).

      It seems that what you wanted was a shader pack and this is not one. I recommend Cycles Material Vault or ShaderWorks, these are shader packs.

      Thank you again.

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