Engineering Kitbash Insterts Pack (70+ Models)

by prime43399 in Models

Engineering kitbash inserts pack 

This pack contains over 70 high quality 3D hard surface models of industrial objects you can use for any purposes.

  • 3 truck exhausts
  • 7 spring based objects
  • 18 variations of gears
  • 16 different meshes
  • 23 nuts or bolts 
  • 5 extra textured containers 

All containers are UV unwrapped. The file includes textures so your renders can have same decals as shown on the cover. Every container is UV unwrapped, just assign the texture. Subdiv ready. No add-on needed, simply copy the object you intend to use to your scene and you are done !

Made in blender 2.91.

.blend, .obj, hdri, texture files included. I can easily make file conversion if needed. 

Thanks for your suport.