Easy Scans

by BlackSmithPictures in Models

Easy Scans V1

3D Scannig is the new fronteer for Environment creations but it requires very long time of computation and a good camera in order to take correct shots.


5 Fruits  

4  Rocks

1 Mushroom

3 Stumps


Materials are set up with a PBR Node but you can use all the Textures also with the new “PrincipledBSDF” from Blender 2.79.

All the Textures are grouped in a folder for each Model.

Appending into your Scene:

Open the .blend file of your Scene

 Press Shift F1 or go to File -> Append

 Find  “ BlenderMarket_EasyScans.blend ”  and select it.

 Go into Object.

 Select the Scan you need.

 Press "Link/Append from Library"

And Now you Have your Fabulous 3D Scans in your Scene ready for Render !