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  • laura
    10 months ago

    Not quite as "easy" as I'd hoped,
    I've been strugling with hair even with the recent update.
    -Sadly this plugin did not solve that problem-
    The instructions are lacking and difficult to follow in documentation tab giffs.
    Which would have been easier to follow eithin a video or pdf, prehaps stating each important steps for it to work
    As to get it to work takes alot of tweaking and jumping between different steps and if your not used to doing all of these tasks precisly in order it will not work it wont. Prehaps building a bit of ui for the menu like other plugins that could do them automatically would be helpful in future updates
    I tried it with suzan monkey head (so it can work)
    Unfortuantly it crashed with every other model I attempted after that

    Im hopeful "blender easy" can evolve it if he choses to develop it futher so its easier to use but for now im going to have to apply for a refund.

    • Pedro Henrique de Oliveira

      10 months ago

      Sorry about the issue!
      I updated the file yesterday to fix an issue and forgot to email some users .Could you download this file, if you bought this after this and see if it`s working for you now?
      You would get the refund and all the help that you needed if you just asked for it!

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