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A group of nodes inGeometry Nodes, for using curves to animate objects.
Works with Blender 3.1+ and higher.

Easing - Blendisar - INPUTS

Easing 0-10 – Here you can select the different easingfunctions, in the next two input strings, there are the names and the numberthat corresponds from 1 to 10.

0-IN / 1-OUT / 2-IN-OUT – Here you can select between input, output orinput and output form.

Resolution – To change the curve resolution.

C-Seconds / U-Frame – When it is Checked it works with seconds,when it is Unchecked it works with frames.

Speed – Changes speed when seconds are used, decimalvalues ​​less than 1 reduce speed, values ​​greater than 1 increase speed.

fps – Changes the speed when frames are used, lowvalues ​​increase the speed, high values ​​reduce the speed.

0-One / 1-Loop / 2-Repeat – Switch between playing once, looping orrepeating the animation.

Offset loop / rep – When Loop or Repeat is used in the above option, this option inserts apause between each Loop or Repeat.

Pause (start) – Adds a pause only at the start of theanimation, then continues with the selected option in One, Loop or Repeat.

Limit time – 0 infinite – Limits the time the animation will play,when set to 0 it will continue for the duration of the timeline.

Invert – Reverse the shape of the curve.

Amplitude IN – Modifies the width of the Input shape.

Amplitude OUT – Modifies the width of the Output shape.

Mirror – Makes a mirror copy of the curve.

Size X – Change the scale in X.

Size Z – Change the scale in X.

Rotation – Change the rotation, this can also changethe way the animation plays.

Vector modif. – It can be used to introduce some variationin the curve. (See examples included in the file).

Custom curve (checkbox) – Enables the use of a custom curve.

Custom curve – Any curve can be connected here, which canbe used to animate objects or to make objects follow the curve. (See examplesin the file).


Easing - Blendisar - OUTPUTS

Geometry – This output can be used to show the curve.

Position/easing – This output can be used to animate,according to the selected function or curve. (See example in the file).

Tangent – This output can be used to animate or alignto the Tangent of the curve, according to the selected feature or curve. (Seeexample in the file).

Normal – This output can be used to animate or alignto the Normal of the curve, according to the selected feature or curve.

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Blender Version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
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