Earth Collection

by FlashMyPixel in Models

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  • RJ 27 days ago

    I think this is a bit outdated. Whatever nodes were connected are now showing "undefined" in the shader section. I see what appears to be some great compositing techniques, but I'll have to reconnect the textures and hope for the best.

    Also, I have not come across any actual normal maps, but this states this is normal mapped under the Misc Data. And there are 5 zip files each containing 4 zip files, but they all look exactly the same. And the files unzipped are almost 3GB. Seems excessive for what appears to be no differences among any of the files.

    He states there are 3 spheres - I'm seeing 4 with titles: "Atmosphere," "Clouds," "Earth Sphere," and "Sphere." However, there are only 4 texture images I'm seeing: Bump, Color, Spec, and Clouds. It's not clear why there are 4 spheres. I'm not sure if there are multiple passes that he's using in compositing, but I'm finding that I have to rebuild most of this.

    • Dipesh Patel 27 days ago

      Hello RJ, what software of blender are you using?. This product is not for use after 2.79 as the blender render only is used in the previous additions. I have had a costumer with the same experience which had blender 2.80, this is the same problem he had. Please let me no if you need any help.

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