Eames Lounge Chair Wood (Lcw)

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Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW)

This is a model of Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW) designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1940s.

--- Model ---

All parts are modelled with simple geometry for easy modifications later on and using subdivision surface.

In layer number 1, you can find the base plywood parts of the chair:




Front Legs

Back Legs

Layer number 2 contains the little parts:



Shock Mounts

Layer number 3 contains the cameras and plane underneath the chair.

--- Materials ---

Materials are set up with specular and bump maps for accurate realistic behavior.

There are 3 textures overall that are used as diffuse, specular and bump maps.

--- Appending into a Scene ---

1 Open the .blend file of your scene

2 press Shift F1 or File -> Append

3 find this .blend and select it

4 go into Group

5 select EamesLoungeChairWood

6 press "Link/Append from Library"

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