DynRemesh 1.5

by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons

Installation: Install from zip in addon preferences. Enable, & it will be located in the tools tab.

DynRemesh is an anistropic quad-based remesher, assisting in topology for your dyntopo sculpts & 3dscans containing a large amount of tris. When working with any sculpt in general, you need clean topology in order for you to work with your assets.

Remesh your assets in a click!


- singleclick solution

- Control over density( Decimation/Subdivision)

- Simple UI

Works best with non-complex meshes. Sculpts like heads, rocks, etc. should work fine.

For Decimate Parameter:

Choose the amount to decimate before remeshing.

Subdivision Parameter:

This is how much smooth-subdivision is applied after remesh.

Once you have your  options, go ahead & click on the 'Remesh' button.

See video demo:


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  • Andreas Leiner 9 days ago

    Over 180 sales and no review until now...
    This addon works really really good. Not always, but in most case it´s perfect.
    Instant clean topology with only one click. Incredible.
    Five stars from me.

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