DVD and Box

by Daniel I. Ordonez in Models

DVD and Box 3D Model

These are models of both a DVD disk and a DVD box with real life measurements!

Both models have been UV unwrapped for textures to be exchangeable.

Shaders from Cycles Render Engine.

Comes with a rig to open and close the DVD box.

Both models are from real world scale.

Includes Gimp edit files to easily switch out textures for both DVD disk and DVD box.

--- Appending into a Scene ---

1 Open the .blend file of your scene
2 press Shift F1 or File -> Append
3 find this .blend and select it
4 go into Group
5 select DVD_and_Box_Group_00
6 press "Link/Append from Library"

---Editing Textures---

In the folder's directory, there is a folder called Textures. In the folder you will find two Gimp files: "Box Image Edit.xcf" and "DVD Image Edit.xcf"

In the Gimp files are layers corresponding to the texture location on the models. Select a layer and place image to desired layer.

(When exporting, remember to overwrite image to corresponding .png file: "Box Image.png" and "DVD Image.png")

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