Duwamf+ :

by Mechanical Mustache in Scripts and Addons

DuWamf: Dude, Where are my folders?

This is a convenience add-on that makes accessing essential Blender folders easy.

This addon works both for Blender 2.79 and 2.80 versions

You can open

DuWamf Free

- Current file's folder
- Blender's installation folder
- Render folder (if set)
- Scripts (add-ons) folder
- User's Blender resource folder
- Temp folder that Blender uses internally

This new version adds the features below

- Global bookmarks
- Project-based bookmarks
- Editing both Project and Global bookmarks
- It creates the bookmarks file in the project folder if there is no bookmarks

Project bookmarks file is located where the currently open .blend file is. At the moment this is the most convenient way. More to come.

Global bookmarks file reside in the add-on's folder.

You might also notice that you can use "letters" to call folders quickly when the floating menu enabled.

Release Notes


  • 2.8x Api fixes