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"This tool generates Lightning from curves and meshes with full artistic control."

There are two lightning generators:

  1. Lightning Generator: It generates 2D/3D lightning from a curve (it can have multiple splines).
  2. Surface Lightning Generator: It generates lightning on a mesh surface or objects. Lightning can be controlled with a curve (it can have multiple splines).


  • These tools generate realistic lightning.
  • Easy to control with a curve in 3D space or on a mesh surface.
  • With a curve, you can control direction, spread, branches, etc.
  • It also generates lightning for each spline of a curve.
  • Allows defining the core(s) of lightning.
  • Flow along the curve.
  • Lightning interacts with external objects, i.e., you can define Attract-Objects as well as Repel-Objects.


Detailed documentation of settings is included with the files.

A video demo is also available on my YouTube channel: 3D Singh VFX


This tool is made with geometry nodes and can be used in Blender 3.3 and 3.4.


You can use this tool in any of your projects (non-commercial or commercial).

You may not redistribute the geometry node group itself, for free or commercially.

Happy Noding... :)

Kuldeep Singh (3D Singh VFX)



Release of v1.5 Lightning Generators (video).

  • Feature to add Branch/Core Branch for spline's end point of input curve.
  • It helps to create the anchored lightning effect.


Release of v1.4 Lightning Generators (video).

  • Added feature to highlight the longest branch for the core of the Lightning.
  • It is also possible to make multi-cores of the Lightning.


Release of v1.3 Lightning Generators (video).

  • Improved and Updated the Lightning Branch Settings.
  • Added Flow along the curve feature.
  • Added Trim lightning with Mesh Objects feature.
  • Added new Noise scale for Branch and Main Branch.
  • Now, it is possible to specify from where the branch splits start with Spline Start Factor.
  • It is also possible to limit branches within a distance from a curve.
  • Simplified the Curve Setting for the Surface Lightning Generator.
  • Grow Branches near to Curve, and Taper Growth along the Curve settings are removed.
  • Grow Distance from the Curve is renamed as Branches Distance from the Curve, and Taper Growth Factor is renamed as Branches Spline Start Factor. These settings are now in Lightning Branch Settings.
  • Fix Lightning Color for Cycles Render Engine.


Release of v1.2 Lightning Generators (video).

  • Improved the Seed for both the lightning generators.
  • Now you can control surface lightning with object(s) attributes, e.g., weight, color, etc.


Release of v1.1 Lightning Generators.

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Blender Version 3.3
License GPL
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