Dodge Charger - Abandoned

by David Stingl in Models

The Dodge Charger R/T including the interior and suspension's details. 

The model is rigged

The full product does include all the materials and scene setup along with the 3D model of course

You're purchasing a Full, Commercial / Royalty Free license.

By purchasing, you're also getting a support from me, if you'll notice a bug, you'll need help by using the product, or you'd like to get some small customizations to the product, you'll contact me and I'll make it for you, for free!

Vehicle description (;P):

Production year: 1968

R/T version

The condition is very great! Just a "little bit" rusting (see pics). 

No part is missing, just the engine was tossed away, so a different V8 was dropped in, still very powerful, trust me!

The interior is dusty but still in a good condition

For any question don't hesitate to ask me ;)