Distort - Premium Glitch Fx For Blender 3d

by PartnersInCrimeGFX in Render Setups


See video here: https://youtu.be/auDNFq5L6LM

To use distort, open a Blend file that you have created, then click File>Append and direct Blender to where the distort folder is located. Select a glitch - for example "Distort Long RGB" and append it to your scene.

Enable the compositor by checking "Use nodes" in the compositor, and check "Output"

And click Add>Output>Viewer

Attach the image output of your Renderlayers node into the input(s) of the distort node you have appended, and attach the Distort nodes' output to the inputs of the compositor and viewer nodes.


Distort nodes are created for 60FPS animations. To edit or adjust for different frame rates -

With your Distort Glitch nodesetup selected, go into the NLA editor of Blender, and adjust the scaling and position of the strips. Type "S" on your keyboard to scale the strips - scale them smaller to make the glitch animation quicker, or larger to make the animation slower/longer. Left click or enter to confirm your scaling. To move the strips, type "G" with your strip selected, and move them along your NLA timeline.