Dining And Living Room Furniture Set

by Hidasi in Models

Dining Room Furniture Set:
It contains a modern wooden table, 2 types of chairs and 3 industrial lamps.

- 3 lamps

- 6 chairs 

- dining table

Living Room Furniture Set:
A high detailed couch (with a blanket), 2 modern armchairs, a footrest, a standing lamp, a coffee table, a rug and a wooden toy.

- couch with blanket 

- 2 armchairs

- footrest

- coffee table

- standing lamp

- rug

- a toy:)

The scene contains all the models. The couch, the armchairs, and the footrest come with 3 different materials.
All the models are hard surface models with 4k game ready materials that can be used in Unity and UE4 game engines.