Different Noodles

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When looking through the "Food & Drinks" category on this site I noticed that it was pretty empty, so I decided to give it some love. Here are 4 different types on noodles! 

White Edges

Have you ever noticed that many noodles have white edges when they come out of the box? 

(Picture by BPARiedl - CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6518504)

Me neither, but these rims are essential in simulating the surface of the noodle, that´s why they´re directly built into the shader!

Low Poly versions available

And since the low-poly meshes are still there you can save yourself a huge amount of RAM when using this model in the way real noodles are being "served" : in bulk!

Custom Shader Group

The special "NoodleShader" node allows you to adjust the look , and is compativle to both Nvidia and AMD GPUs!

The models

  • The objects are named according to what they do in the scene, the 4 noodles have the "Noodle_" prefix.
  • The Wooden Floor 
  • All the noodles come with their all of their modifiers activated, you can deactivate them to save memory.

The "NoodleShader"

  • Hue: Make color adjustments to the original texture. Values below 0.5 make the noodle more reddish, values above 0.5 make it more greenish. I generally recommend something between 0.5 and 0.6
  • White edges: Simply controls the visibility of the "white edges"-effect
  • Pointiness Multiplier: Allows you to manually adjust how thick the white rim is.

  • Roughness: General Roughness of the surface. Should be lower if the noodle is supposed to be cooked
  • IOR: IOR-Value for the Glossy-Shader

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  • Vikrant Jadhav about 1 year ago

    It delivers on its promises.
    The noodles do look nice.
    Well worth the price!

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