Desktop Lamp Pack

by blender_tommy1441 in Models

This is a pack of three Desktop Lamps modelled in Blender 2.79. The lightbulbs are easily turned on and off by changing just one node.

All are textured using PBR materials but with a simple to change settings if needed. Render engine used Blender Cycles.

Geometry wise, they are a bit on the high poly count (mainly due to the level of detail from the lightbulb). So they work fine for closeup renders if needed.

Is worth noting that the power cable is just a plain simple curve so that it can be easily modified as needed. Also note that they don't have the actual power wall plug, reason is that I wanted to give the liberty to just add whatever wall plug you might need for your project (if you are interested on having a particular wall plug, just pm me or contact me with your particular request)