Designer Tools Collection Variants

by Wilphi Design in Addons

This addon is also Part of the Designer Tools Bundles

The first part of the 'Designer Tools' pack is a simple collection based variant lister.

If you often find yourself dealing with multiple variants or versions of something and you don't want to turn off one variant and turn on the other by hand the Collection Variants will greatly improve your workflow. It is collection based which makes it very easy to work with.

Example Use Cases:

  • WIPS
  • Geometry Variants
  • Light Setups
  • ...

How to use the Collection Variants?:

Select your parent collection and add child collections to that parent collection. Each child collection is one variant. You now can simply toggle between your child collections without having to use the outliner.

Feature Udates:

1.1 and above

  • You can setup as many variants as you want 

1.2 and above:

  • Give your Variant Collection a name

  • change parent variant collection (the one that holds your different variants)

  • you can now make variants for indirect only collections and holdout collections

  • animatable single collection mode

  • variants auto update to reflect the number of child collections and their names auto update

There are two modes:

  1. Toggle a single collection on/off (selected variant will set the corresponding collection as active)

- single mode is animatable, so you could use it as some sort of render management tool

  1. Toggle multiple collections on/off

Toggeling is for viewport visibility, rendering, indirect only and holdout

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