Dead Pixel

by CGMatter in Materials, Shaders, Textures


Everyone's favorite part. Using this material in your blender project is super easy just:

Use the append command: (can be found in file > append):

Navigate to the Dead Pixel blend file, choose materials, and append the Dead Pixel material:

You will now have the Dead Pixel material! Hoorah:

What do the controls do?

  • Resolution: This represents the 'density' of your pixels. More specifically your image is a nxn grid of pixels where n = resolution
  • Pixelate: This is a transition slider between your original image and the pixelated version; 1 = pixelated, 0 = original, and everything in-between is a mix of the two
  • Shape?: This slider should only be used when an input 'shape-alpha' has been added; 1 = use shape, 0 = don't use shape
  • RandomColor: This adds some random color variation to each pixel cell. This will also work with custom shape alphas
  • ColorSeed: This seed value will generate new random colors
  • RandomFade: This slider is used for a random opacity transition; 1 = fully invisible, 0 = fully visible. Play around with this one, it gives cool results :)
  • BrickOffset: This slider will offset every other row of pixels; use this to create more complicated pixelations
  • X-stretch & Y-stretch: These sliders just stretch the image horizontally/vertically