Cycles Shading Pack - Vol 1

by Johnson Martin in Materials, Shaders, Textures

100% Procedural Shading.

Each shader in this collection has been tuned and perfected for maximum realism and believably. With every shader grouped into a convenient node group, its easy to customize each shader for your needs. Procedural textures means there's no need for UV maps or image textures, saving time and energy.

Twelve Hand-Crafted Materials.

  • Leather: Commonly used for furniture or clothing.
  • Hammered Copper: Great for jewelry and architectural uses.
  • Advanced Glass: For anything from Diamonds to Windows.
  • Marble: Great for Architecture renderings and statues.
  • Cork: For anything involving cork!
  • Car Paint: Perfect for your sports car render.
  • Antique Brass: For all those old metal objects
  • Galvanized Steel: A metal used in industrial settings.
  • Polished Stone: Great for anything from statues to floors.
  • Stone Tile: For architectural scenes.
  • Styrofoam: For product renderings involving packaging.
  • X-ray: Useful for medical visualizations.

Support Blender Development!

$1.80 of each sale goes directly to the Blender Development fund. So by buying this product you're actually supporting Blender development!

  1. After download, extract the .zip to your preferred location. T
  2. To insert a shader into your Scene, Choose "File --> Append" 
  3. Navigate the the extracted .Blend File and navigate to the material section of the .blend 
  4. Select the shader you would like to use. 
  5. Click "Append from Library

For further questions please contact me via the support tab.

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